It’s hard to be healthy …

Similar to the majority of the population, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier, mainly to lose baby weight and tone up. But I soon found it to be a lot harder than I expected to start ‘thinking healthy.’

Let me explain.

I was aware that often I made the wrong choices with food, mostly just because I didn’t have time (didn’t want to make time.) I also found being healthy is hard and takes a lot of effort to figure out which food is actually ‘healthy.’ I often wonder why this was never part of the national curriculum? There’s an obesity epidemic, yet apart from the eat well plate, we were never given solid facts. As adults we flit from one fad-diet to another with little thought about the affect to our bodies health wise…society obsessed with being aesthetically appealing. This is also now seen more prominently within teenagers with a rise in eating disorders.

While studying Psychology at Sixth Form, it was shocking to find that British society ’caused’ eating disorders. For example if  a Japanese woman moved to the UK it would instantly increase her chance of developing an eating disorder.

Surely if we were all educated to a level where we could make daily healthy choices with occasional treats then we wouldn’t need to restrict ourselves?

Rant over. I swear there’s a point in this 😂

For breakfast/lunch I ate a cheese omlette, I didn’t weigh the cheese but I guessed around 50g went in. This used up the majority of my daily allowance for fat, poly, mono and trans fat (no clue) were in minus and my cholestrol for the day was also at a minus figure. So a simple breakfast of a 2 egg omlette with cheese, made slightly healthier by not having any toast was actually deceptively bad for me.

At the age of 19, having completed A Levels…2 of those being Biology (slightly below the average level 😂) and Health and Social, I find it hard to come to terms with the fact I have absolutely no clue what poly, mono and trans fats are. I remember vaguely something about the number of bonds and chains…but in terms of what they mean, if they are good or bad for you, I honestly have no clue.

Having downloaded a new app (link can be found at the bottom of the page). My Fitness Pal allows you to insert your daily meals, then it adds up all the nutritional content for the day.


This made me realise, food you think is healthy can actually be the opposite. Yet some food such as crisps and sweets are not quite as bad as I would have expected. So maybe we shouldn’t rely on our own knowledge and instead use this app which gives solid facts and figures. You can search the nutritional content before you even eat the food.

Basically if you want to get healthy as part of your New Year’s resolution try out this app, it makes life so much easier in terms of tracking your daily intake, you can also add your exercise for that day. There are features such as the barcode scanner which enables you to scan the food you’re eating, enter the weight and add it to your daily intake. There are also meal ideas if you are struggli

Use MyFitnessPal to reach your goals.   

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