Tassimo T40 Fidelia coffee maker –             RRP £119.99


For Christmas two presents me and my partner (Sam) received as joint presents, one of these was the Tassimo machine, the model T40 Fidelia coffee maker.

This machine retails for £119.99 on the Tassimo offical website however at argos currently they have multiple machines on sale.

Argos Tassimo machines

So the machine we have there is a large water bucket at the back which slots into the machine, this is useful as it stores a large amount so you don’t need to refill it every time you want to make a coffee.

To make a any of the drinks you simply insert the pod which are all clearly labelled with foil lids, press the lid down and then press the start button. This will start the cycle of the drink making.

The milky drinks (e.g. lattes) require a milk or creamer to go in with them, these are provided in the packs you buy, these have to go in before the coffee so it mixes (although it almost always needs stirring.)

Coffee and milk pods 

If any of the drinks are too concentrated for your liking you can put more water in after the automatic fill. To do this you just hold the button in until you have added enough then let go.

I have added a video to my instagram (beth_twibey) recently of how the coffee is made, the coffee’s that require 2 pods (milk/creamer&coffee) take the longest and to make those it takes less than a minute, so it is perfect for mornings when time isn’t in abundance.


       Both single pod drinks – Cadbury hot                      chocolate and Costa Americano              (black coffee )

If you buy a new machine, it comes with a code and you register your machine, this then gives you a promo-code for a discount off drinks pods. This only works for 1 order so I recommend buying your drinks in bulk for that order to get a better discount.

Into the water bucket at the back of the machine, you only pour in cold water, when I was first using it I was skeptical how the machine would warm the water up enough for a piping hot drink in less than a minute. Now, I don’t know anything about the technicalities of the machine but I do know the drinks are made bloody red hot, haha.

Now for the prices of the pods, they are surprisingly far more reasonably priced than I originally thought –


Cadbury hot chocolate (8) – £3.99

Costa latte coffee (8) – £5.29                               (includes the milk required)

Costa cappuccino (8) – £4.29

Kenco Americano Smooth (16) – £3.18


They are just to name a few but as you can see the prices are very reasonable. 8 costa coffee’s made in the comfort of your own home for the price of 1 in store…not a bad deal. Other brands include Milka, Carte Noire, Jacob’s & Gevalia. (See link below for full range.)

Tassimo Pod Range.

Another thing I found useful to buy as well as the pods were syrups, online you can find the same syrups that a barista would use in your coffee at Costa or Starbucks.

I know what syrups I have had in coffee before and liked, so I ordered Vanilla, Gingerbread & Salted caramel, these I ordered in 1 litre because it worked out better value for money. From the websitr I ordered them from (will add link below,) there was an option to add a bottle pump for £2.99, in my opinion is was 100% worth it & when you reorder a new bottle you just switch the pump over. Or if you prefer you can buy a bottle pourer which again replaces the lid and you pour syrup out of a funnel, this was priced at £0.95. Some of the prices on the wesbite aren’t including VAT, most are accurate but double check you are happy with all correct costs before purchasing.

Syrup’s website


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