She’s leaving me…


Now, this story didn’t start when we were 2, making friends in the sand-pit at nursery. No, it was much more recent.

I was 17 (only just), meaning Char was still 16. My Mum and Charlotte’s Mum worked together and told us both to look out for the other around Sixth Form.

So, drying my hands at the handryer, Char came over and used the handryer next to me. Now we’re best friends.

Charlotte was the first person, apart from parents and Sam, that I told I was pregnant. Because this happened before I’d finished my last year at Sixth Form we had code word for the baby…Freckle. Freckle was the name everyone used throughout my pregnancy to refer to Emily.

Now, in life sometimes you just know you will always be best friends. When you send eachother pictures of new haircuts

Even when you’re away from eachother, e.g. about 100 miles you talk all the time. You have photos with crazy men

You both have crazy ideas that actually make sense. Like using a towel folded as a bath pillow, when you bath for about 4 hours a day because you’re so bored and heavily pregnant

We have shared not only 300 images with eachother but big parts of our lives for over two years.

Now when I was pregnant and had Emily, I worried many of my friends would drift away. It’s hard to find common ground with someone who’s biggest issue in life is a bitchy argument when you have bills, sleepless nights and your whole life revolves around a being who relies on you for everything.

With Charlotte this was no issue, she had/has ‘real life’ problems. Like travelling thousands of miles to Africa on her own, working for a major social media company on huge tv shows like Poldark, now moving her life to Spain, to better herself and future prospects.

We are the weirdest two humans, we have an even weirder friendship…but I will truly miss her endlessly when she leaves tomorrow. Friday the 13th – the last day I see Charlotte for over 8 months 😦

But I know whilst she is acheiving momentous things like walking with cheetahs, helping produce tv shows & lets not forget…getting her ears pierced for the first time, haha.


She still cares that Emily had her first smile, that I managed to get the entire house cleaned in a day despite having a baby.

Even though our paths are very different. When you came from not knowing eachother, to being friends at Sixth form, to celebrating the freedom of being 18 by going out on student night then being hungover at sixth form, travelling around 100 mile from your home to just go to a zoo…to me having a baby, a house and all that comes along with that & Charlotte not being in town for more than 1 month at a time, doing the most exciting and brave things. If you’re still best friends you know you always will be.

So Yes. 8 months sucks. Knowing Emily may be walking and talking by the time she returns means she will have missed things she wishes she didn’t have too. But when she returns it will be like I saw her a week previous, we will talk regularly, tell eachother everything, share YouTube videos to keep updated on eachothers lives.

So if your best friend wants to move away for 8 weeks, months or years. If you are true friends you’ll be comfortable with the knowledge that no matter the distance, time or anything else you will ALWAYS be best friends

P.s – this is probably the soppiest, most cringey thing you will ever read from my blog…so make the most of it, haha.

Lots of love to Charlotte, from your very proud best friend & honourary Niece ❀

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