Mummy’s Coffee Morning



Preparing to start a new job I found myself still up a few consecutive nights, sat at the dining table surrounded by paperwork, having a baby and trying to work is mission impossible.

Then it dawned on me. Everyone does this, right?

I know I am far too much of a wimp to go to a baby and toddler group to meet new Mum’s, I always imagine the friendship groups and cliques will already be formed, then I’ll be stood in a corner like a lonely lemon. More isolated than ever.

But being a Mum can be very lonely, I needed Mum friends. So I organised a coffee morning …

I messaged a few girls, some I knew better than others to ask if they would like to come to my home for a coffee morning, we soon realised after a total of 5 Mum’s, 6 children my humble abode wasn’t sufficient. Back to the drawing board. We have come to the decision we are going to a soft-play area/café at a place local to have a coffee.

Instantly I felt some odd sense of relief, all 5 of us were up after midnight for whatever reason, most probably all of us would be up at 7am or before dealing with childcare, cooking, cleaning, ironing, shopping…the list goes on.


Motherhood – The most unappreciated job ever to exist.


I know Sam (my partner) has no ill-meaning but when he comes in and complains he is ‘tired’ it takes every ounce of my patience not to scream how sh*t my day has been, exploding nappies, teething tantrum lasting hours, endless cleaning, not even had time to shower or brush my hair. Not everyday is like this, some days are amazing filled with smiles, laughter and memories you’ll cherish forever. Others however, you find yourself wishing they would end, yet you’ve not even made it to dinnertime.

When my non-Mum friends comment about how little time they have or how tired they are sometimes I find myself thinking ‘how?!’ Yet I know if I was still carefree I would be the exact same, besides they are all travelling or in full-time education so it is very probable that they are genuinely tired, equally as tired but I tend to compete for the ‘I’m the tiredest’ award, haha.


If you are in a similar situation to what I was, just message other Mum’s you know of. You will have the fact you are a Mum in common so will be able to forge friendships easily. Or if you are super brave…go to a baby and toddler group but I’m too chicken for that.


If you need any support then feel free to email or message me over on my Instagram. I also am part of a lovely group chat of Mummy’s on Instagram who I can ask for advice, chat about my day and vent my stress to those who truly understand, so thank you to the Instagram Mummy’s for being a lovely, supportive bunch.


Lots of love

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