New Mum activities


As a new Mum you are already so busy, your life has just been turned upside down for goodness sake…finding the right things to do with your baby is tricky, throwing family and friends into that mix is even trickier.

Often I find myself suggesting ‘lets go for lunch’ or my friends suggest this, not only are we all poor but as a post-pregnancy woman I am trying to lose my baby weight so regular lunch is doing me no favours.

We all now statutory maternity pay at the basic level is … lacking lets say. Mininum wage full time is around £1100 per month, drop your wage £500 whilst on maternity pay and you find yourself financially having to tighten those purse strings. So I have compiled a list of activities to do with friends/family or on your own which are very low cost or free.



Swimming is amazing after having a baby, it strengthens up the entire body esepcially your hips/pelvic muscles and those pesky abdominal muscles. You can alternate between baby swim sessions to bond with your little one, then recruiting a babysitter for when you want to go yourself and actually be able to swim. Most people are always looking to get fit so persuading others to join you should be no problem.



Exercise classes

Exercise classes at council run leisure centres tend to be relatively cheap. You can also search on Google or via social media for local fitness classes. Post-natal/baby fitness classes are great as it means you can meet other Mum’s…if you’re too scared to go alone take a friend, even if they haven’t had s baby they don’t request hospital records for proof, haha.




Ever have one of those days where you just need fresh air? Throw on your cleanest hoodie and a pair of leggings, then just walk. This is perfect to strengthen up muscles again and get fit. Most babies tend to sleep which in a sling/in the pram so at least they also may be in a better mood when they wake up. England isn’t the best for weather but as long as it isn’t pouring it down, wrap up warm and go. Invite family and friends also, or try to form a group where you go out on walks together.



Invite people round

Don’t worry about the mess, you have a small human who dictates every aspect of your life. Be honest that way you can be mor open abouy your feelings. If you are struggling and have bathed for 2 days, admit that, every Mum has these times. Invite 1 or 2 friends round for a cup of tea and a gossip, you’ll feel so much better after some adult conversation.



Baby groups

As I’ve previously admitted baby groups aren’t my thing. I am not confident enough to walk into a group of already formed friendships and integrate. So I tend to stick to socialising with my own Mummy friends. As hypocritical of me as this is, just try, I keep pondering whether too, I probably never will due to the fear of the unknown but I know it would be good if I could meet more Mum’s.




Go to the library, read with your little ones. Language aquisition starts in the womb so there is no validity in the ‘their too young for books’ excuse. Check out the books and you’ll be able to explore new stories without paying for the priviledge.



Go to random places

Go to a garden centre, or a quaint (cheap) little tea rooms, go window shopping, go to a market, go fruit picking, go to a castle…do something random with your day. No day is as wasteful as staying indoors so there is no loss in trying something. Plus you will appear a very cultured parent, haha.



Hand prints

Buy some cheap craft supplies and take your babies footprints and handprints. Not only will this be fun (maybe not the mess afterwards) but you will be able to keep memories for life.3




Not the kind where you go to Tesco, grab a meal deal and sit on a bench on the way home. Get a big group and each be responsible for something to take, think sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks or if you don’t want to diet take chocolate and crisps too.



Animal farm or pet store

Depending on how old your child is this may be for more your benefit. But many animal farms are either free entry or very cheap. If it is likely to be muddy think about thr suitability of your pram or consider a sling. Pet shops are as far as I am aware all free, browse round and maybe take a new edition home as a surprise for other half, (no liability taken for arguments or separation, haha.)


There are my 10 ideas, not very exciting but better than staying in the house all day every day.















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