My 10 reasons to be happy!

I have been ‘challenged’ if you will, to complete a ’10 things that make you happy’ blog post by Amy over at TheMommyHideout. This is in aid of International day of happiness.

At first I wasn’t too keen, I have been a little bit absent on the social media front recently but I am using this as the perfect way to get back into regular blogging.

So, 20th March was International day of happiness, so if you’re a blogger or not, I challenge you all to think of 10 things that make you happy.

Here goes…


My little girl

I have never known anyone bring so much light and joy into the lives of people they meet. So innocently humourous and cute. Obviously the good comes with the bad, Motherhood isn’t easy. However Emily makes my heart want to burst with how happy and proud she makes me.


My Boyfriend

I am acutely aware of how difficult I can be to deal with as a significant other sometimes (he is far from perfect too.) Yet Sam is so supportive of everything I do, overlooks my flaws, my frivilous spending habits, my mood swings and so on. We bicker like and old married couple but we are a team who are trying our best to raise a small human.


My Old Family Unit

All my family are important to me. But my Mum, Dad and Brother are the most important (sorry to the rest.) For 18.5 years I lived in the same home with the same amazing people, who moulded me into the person I am today. I am proud of who I am, who I am becoming and what I’ve acheived so they did well. Good job guys!! 👍


I have realised so far I have the same reasons to be happy as Amy. Amy you have my deepest apologies, please don’t claim copywright.



Ok, CRINGE!! I shall explain further. I have my own little family home, filled with my own family. I think sometimes we forget the amount of things we acheive on a daily basis. I am a Mum, a daughter, a sister, an employee, a maid (apparently, haha), the list goes on. So basically I am happy with who I am, I shall be a Law student as of October when I start University too which is exciting.

Off topic, stay with me, there is a point to this – I watched Comic Relief last night and a young 13 month old girl died from Malaria. Her town had no testing kits or hospital. Her Mum carried her on a 3 hour walk to hospital where she later died. 13 months old. She had just learnt to walk. If treatment had begun a day earlier it was likely she would have lived. Basically she was allowed to die as her town had no malaria testing kits costing £0.30. Sam and I donated £20.00, a small amount in the scheme of things but ecery little helps.

So I am happy that I have been born into a priviledged life filled with luxuries, safety and amazing opportunities.



I love shopping!! Online shopping mainly. I love clothes, shoes, makeup, interior decor.

I spend silly amounts on Emily, she has more clothes than it is possible for her to wear before she grows out of them.

I love BooHoo and Primark for myself…mainly because they’re so affordable.

Recently I’ve gone on a little spree for garden furniture and accessories to start work on the garden to get it Summer ready.



I am a sucker for organising. I cannot cope without organisation. I tried a more laid-back approach to life and failed.

I love cutest diaries, calenders, to-do list pads, meal planning books. You name it, I have it.

Small things in life make me happy.


Unexpected good days

You know those days where you wake up with no plans, then somehow the day materialises into one of the best days.

Or soontaneous nights out, where you don’t have time to panic if you look ok, you drink a bit too much but from what you remember it was a good night.



In our house I do the majority of cooking, mainly because I work a lot less hours than Sam but also I really enjoy it. I love getting Emily bathed and in bed, then getting a dinner ready. It’s so theraputic. Then presenting the food well on the plate and serving it, gives me an odd satisfaction.

I also LOVE baking, probably why I still have a lot of baby weight to lose. But it’s so good when you make something Instagram worthy and tasty.

I just like food baso.


Drive in parking spaces

I am horrendous at parking. Even worse at reversing. So mostly for a parking space you have to reverse in or out.

However  …

I love those spaces where you drive through 1 into the next so you can just pull out. Explaining this horrendously but it makes me so happy when I don’t have to do any reversing.


Ok so 1 to go.


Sun!! ☉☉

Sun makes everything so much better. I get up earlier, tan (ever so slightly), go out more which means more fun, wear less stuffy clothing, BBQ’s, going to bed later.

What is better than driving with the windows down and the music turned up driving to the seaside? Erm, nothing.

Anything you can think of is better in Summer (apart from Christmas and Pregnancy.)






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