Changes to Child Tax Credits – good or bad?

As you may have already heard changes to Child Tax Credits have happened today.

Child tax credits are a benefit to help families with the costs of having children, it is a means tested benefit so the amount you get depends on your own personal circumstances.

Child tax credits are worth upto £2,780 per year, per child, however the benefit is now going to be capped. It can only be claimed for the first two children in the family.

So…I have never claimed it myself so my knowledge is limited. I am relying rather heavily on Google for my knowledge. But I am aware it has caused a great controversy and divide in opinion.

My first and my issue with this is that is only applies to children born after April 2017. So a familu who have four children born prior to this could be getting £8000+ in benefits for the forseeable. However…fastforward this family all born after 2017 that limited them to around £4000. Why is there not a blanket sanction.

Although this will divide opinion I am very much for it. I believe if you ‘desire’ a big family you should be able to afford it. I ‘desire’ new clothes, a new house, a new car…it doesn’t mean the tax payer is going to fund it.

I do understand accidents happen regarding unplanned pregnancy, I mean I should know, haha. But from an unplanned pregnancy whilst taking the contraceptive pill, I learned the pill wasn’t the most reliable method so switched to the impant…you have to learn from accidents and do more to prevent.

The Government have been very decent in their exceptions to the rules. If a family are expecting twins or triplets these children sort of count as 1 unit, so they all receive child tax credits. Mum’s who have conceived via rape are exempt from this also, although it has to be proved so the morality and stress related could be an issue, being as it is rumoured there is an eight page form that has to be filled out.

There are many exeptions and rules where the Government have attemtped to make it as fair as possible.

So overall, yes it will hit low income families the hardest. Red top papers sprawl this like it is some kind of discrimination, however logically low income families are the only ones eligible for benefits so therefore the only ones who are affected.

I think society need to come to terms with the fact a large family comes with a high financial cost in regards to housing, clothing, feeding, childcare. So therefore overall it is a luxury. A wealthier person may be able to afford a high spec Mercedes, it doesn’t mean you should also feel owed this to create equality.

I am aware children and cars are very different things, and with situations like this it’s all very much a grey area. But on the whole the countries economy is a mess, we should feel grateful we get any funding whatsoever for pregnancy and children.

Would love to hear your opinions even if they differ, try to keep as polite as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Changes to Child Tax Credits – good or bad?”

  1. I can see your point with “don’t have what you can’t afford”
    However from a personal point of view, we are by no means a low income family, but, if I return to work, we will actually end up being financially worse off when you factor in childcare. Pre children we had a joint income not far off £60k, now we’re down to one salary, with tax credits topping up that single salary. Childcare in Hampshire where we are would be over £1200 per month. The system is completely broken. I never ever thought I would be better off staying at home claiming tax credits than going out and earning a wage! It’s embarrassing and frustrating!


    1. I completely agree, there needs to be a more personal approach to each persons situation. I think disability benefits also are so ridiculously regimented.
      Luckily I work from home currently and by the time I’ve finished my degree I hope for my current child and any further children to be in school.
      I find it insightful to see how it affects people and why maybe a narrowminded view may not work for each case.
      Hopefully it stays that you get it for your current children. Good luck hun x

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