Aspiring Midwife

Parent, student & employee

Full time Mum, full time student and almost full-time employee. Am I crazy? Most probably.

A current student midwife messaged me today asking how I manage my time – juggling college, work and a child. Knowing how full-on midwifery is from talking to students I know or at open days it did take me aback to think how much I do and how I must portray I’m finding it relatively easy.

I don’t find it easy, at all. EVER. I think the main thing is to always have a priority list, use your time wisely and lower your standards.

Priorities are important, I always try to make sure I do bathtime, storytime and bedtime if I’ve been at college all day but sometimes work or college will over-ride that and I have to prioritise that. As a Mum it fills you with guilt knowing you aren’t putting you’re child first but you are only able to do your best and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Learn to sleep less. If I feel like I really need to spend some quality time with Emily I will, then everything else will come later. This means that normally everything is done but the result is 4 or 5 hours sleep…a one off is ok but I soon learnt this wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.

Lower your standards…or tidy the background of your Instagram picture. You can’t do everything, you can’t be in two places at once and you need to sleep. My main advice for anyone who is juggling multiple different things in life and feels like it may all come tumbling down is look after your wellbeing. I realise if I don’t make time for myself I become de-motivated and therefore nothing gets 100%, so everything takes a lot longer.

Being organised is so important, if your day starts badly it normally continues to follow that path. If Emily is going to a family members whilst I am at college then I make sure everything is packed into her bags the night before and her clothes are laid out. I organise my outfit for the next day, I pack my bags for college the night before. There is nothing worse than being flustered all morning and spending all your energy before you’ve even left the house when a few minutes the night before can prevent all that.

Dedicate time to yourself when you have a spare half hour, be selfish and use it sometimes because as I mentioned previously, you need to be 100% to be able to give 100%.

I hope this helps or resonates with at least one person who is struggling trying to be 10 different people in 10 different places at once.

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