On the 1st day of Blogmas

What am I getting myself into. I’m assuming most people will know what I am referring to but if not, Blogmas is where you upload a blog every day of December until Christmas.

Since restarting my blog I thought what better way than to fully immerse myself than 24 consecutive uploads. (Or maybe more.)

Expect partywear, gift-guides, decorations, Christmas markets, baking, our family traditions and much, much more.

Christmas for me is the happiest time of the year when everyone I care about the most all come together. Christmas memories are the most magical and cherished memories I have. It seems that the magic that Christmas lost as an older child, is now about to be restored with having my own child, which I why I want to document every year and make sure no fine details are ever forgotten.

I am so eager to follow family traditions, we have always spent the evening of Christmas Eve together eating and watching films. When I was younger my brother and I used to put a mince pie and milk out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf…we would then wake up to crumbs all around the kitchen that the reindeer had left. Now I get to do all these things with my own child, see her little face light up and most importantly see the innocence and true belief.

The build up to Christmas I think is just as important as the day itself. Walking around the shops looking for gifts with Christmas music playing, Christmas markets with chestnut and mulled wine stalls and the near sound of a Christmas band. Decorating the tree and wrapping presents, often accomapnied by a glass of wine and some cheesey Christmas songs. These are all the things that build up to the main day and make the whole of December the most magical month.

Which is why I have got posts planned for almost every day of this month, I really hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe.

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