Count down to Christmas

Advent calendars, Christmas Market’s and Christmas music!

On the count down to Christmas it is almost as though their is a buzz of excitement in the air.

Everyone is dashing around sorting and buying, wrapping and gifting. Yet I think it is also the month we tend to pause and consider those who perhaps aren’t going to have a Merry Christmas.

The countdown to Christmas is normally marked by the 1st of December when advent calendars begin.

Advent calendars seem to have evolved so much over the past few years from your typical 24 door chocolate advent calendar to ones with toys in, ones with gin in, ones with makeup in and DIY advent calendars.

This year Emily has a Mark’s and Spencer Paddington Bear Advent calendar and also a Peppa Pig Advent calendar that was brought by Grandparents.

In addition to this she also has had 24 new story books all Christmas themed to read each night of December. Some of them were from The Works 10 books for Β£10 range, she also has some from our local Dobbie’s garden center, the Paddington and the Christmas Visitor Book from Marks and Spencer’s (Β£2 from each book sold goes to NSPCC) and the remainder were from TK Maxx.

My Mum always gets my brother and I a chocolate advent calendar but this year she made us a DIY advent calendar with 24 pockets each containing a scratch card. I thought this was a very thoughtful idea and really good for someone over the age of 16. I wish I had thought of it myself, perhaps to make for my boyfriend…but it also seems like a lot of hassle.

The count down to Christmas is similar for me each year in the sense that until around the 20th of December each year I’ll be at college or working (or both.) The decorations go up early December, the only music that is played is Christmas Music and all the last presents get wrapped.

Then once I have ‘broken up’ for Christmas it is a mission to get each present to it’s recipient, visit all the family that we won’t see on Christmas Day, clean the house, organise and throw out to make room for new things, this year I have the responsibility of the food shop also which has been ordered online and then finally it’s Christmas.

This year we are going to Birmingham Christmas Market on the 23rd of December.

Last year I went to a Christmas market slightly earlier in December, to the Leeds Secret Christmas Market which was Narnia themed and very magical. If it is still on I would highly recommend it. Leeds Secret Market.

Christmas Eve will consist of visiting family then being home in the late afternoon for films, in our new pyjamas, eating some good food. My parents and brother will be here Christmas Eve which will be nice as I don’t ever want to break the tradition of spending it as a whole family.

That is how I count down to Christmas Day, do you have any traiditions, are you working until the last minute, have you sorted gifts?

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