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Managing to study over the festive period

For too many years I’ve ignored all the work I need to do, enjoyed the Christmas break then crammed it all in the day before returning.

This year I have repeated what I did a few years ago, whereby I list everything I need to do for school/college in order of the tasks priority.

Next to the task I will write whether I need to take out textbooks from the college library as I won’t be able to access them over Christmas, I will also write whether it may be worthwhile to speak to the subject tutor before leaving for Christmas about any concerns. This way it means when it comes to completing the work everything is ready and organised in advance. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

I then devise a timetable where I go day by day and decide how much time I have, if any, then allocate a task. If I am doing something that day that will mean I’m busy most of the day I will leave it free, as the whole point of the timetabling is that it is achievable

For example over the Christmas break I have a Psychology essay I want to be completed before I go back, so I will need to allocate time to planning, writing and referencing. This could potentially be done over several days or one longer stint.

To complete work over the Christmas period it is essential you have those around you onboard, so they understand why you don’t want to watch another film or go shopping. And also so they can help you by relieving cleaning and childcare duties whilst you do your work then you can do whatever you like afterwards.

It is also important you are realistic, don’t think you are going to be able to write a high quality essay after going ice skating and visiting family all day.

Lastly, try to do as much work throughout December so it leaves the least amount of work possible throughout the holidays.

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