Blogmas Post Ideas

I decided I was doing Blogmas over a month ago and it has been sooo hard to get a post up for each day, sometimes due to time, or sometimes due to ideas. So I’m going to list all my Blogmas ideas.

1) Blogmas ideas – This is a bit of a cheat but list ideas for any other bloggers who might need some inspiration.

2) Festive Hot Chocolate – Make a guide to your version of a perfect Christmassy hot chocolate.

3) Festive baking – Do you make cookies, mince pies or gingerbread men. Let everyone else in on your secret recipes.

4) Gift guides – Some people are notoriously difficult to buy for, so if you have a few gift ideas throw then together to help inspire others. Maybe make multiple gift guides targeted at different groups.

5) Christmas makeup – Winter makeup for me is full or rich, deep colours. You could opt for an everyday look or a full glam with sparkles as well. Link all the products you use so others can recreate the look.

6) Christmas traditions – Every family does Christmas is their own way, so why not share how you do Christmas. I always like to know other peoples traditions and tricks.

7) Elf on the shelf – Elf on the shelf is seriously a huge deal. Even if you don’t have children setting up different scenes with an Elf could make for hours of fun. If you’re creative why not share your ideas with others?

8) Christmas partywear – I loved doing this as it was just a bit of online browsing and I found a few things I liked for myself. Again, this can be tageted at different audiences.

9) Winter outfits lookbook – Dressing in winter can feel like you’re a great big lump wrapped up in 50 layers. Or you can look fashionable yet have the warmth and comfort needed. Share your winter outfits for a blog post.

10) Christmas Activities Guide – This could be for couples, with kids, crafts at home or flying abroad. You could include so much in this post or you could make multiple different posts.

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