Christmas Party Glam

Most of the products I have used in this makeup look can be purchased from LookFantastic, who have free delivery as standard. Use my link to get discount by Clicking Here or use my discount code BETHANY-RLO at checkout.

Everyday makeup is a relatively quick process for me, having a 1 year old doesn’t really allow for the same amount of attention I gave to doing my makeup pre-child. I have found prep is the crucial part and this is skincare. Good skin, although it isn’t vital, does make doing your makeup so much easier.

I’m going to take you through a Christmas makeup look I have done recently.

1) Make sure your canvas and tools are clean – Imagine trying to paint a canvas with dried up, old paint and dirty brushes. That is essentially what you are trying to do when you have leftover bits of makeup and dirty brushes. I like to make sure my face is entirely clean by cleansing with Simple face wash followed by using Simple Micellar Water on a cotton pad. Then to ensure my eye area is also makeup free I use Simple Eye Makeup Remover

2) Prep – Make sure you have prepped and primed your face, this means not skipping moisturiser. I use Olay 3in1 sensitive moisturiser for my face and neck then for around my eyes I use Simple revitalising eye roll on. For my lips I use a mint lipbalm that was from superdrug but I can’t find it to link for you.

My favourite anti-perspirant at the moment is Sure bright bouquet.

Then for my hair I use Avon’s nourishing hair serum.

Once I have finished with my hair my moisturiser has had chance to soak in so I go straight ahead and do my makeup.

First of all I use Benefit Porefessional Primer. This goes all over my face and dragged down onto my neck to provide a smooth base and prevent foundation sinking into my pores.

I then apply a light concealer to my eye area. Applying a light concealer means that the eyeshadow colours you use will have a more even and better pigment. I set this concealer on my lids with a light eyeshadow, any pale eyeshadow will be fine but for reference I used ‘skimp’ from the Naked Basics 2 palette. This ensures the base will last all night.

After this I will go in with a wash of colour in my crease and slightly above. This acts as a transition colour, the trick with eyeshadow is to blend and build colour slowly. This is an burnt orange shadow out of a very cheap eye palette that I can’t link.

So here I have my transition colour which I have built up slowly, I will then add in more depth of colour in my crease.

Here I have used a deeper burnt orange shade out of Makeup Revolutions Amplified 35 palette and 2 purple shades (flash and tornado) from my Urban Decay Shadowbox palette.

For the most outer corner I used the deep burgundy shade in the middle of this MAC mini palette

I further neated up my cut crease with my concealer, I use Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. On top of the cut crease I set it with a pale shadow then add shimmer using the top left eyeshadow in the MAC palette above. I also added my liner which will be neated up later once I have applied my lashes.

Here I completed my eyebrows and cut them out to make them more defined using my Maybelline concealer. For my brows I use the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip brow pomade in the shade dark brown using the ABH #14 double sided brow brush. The best thing i have found with brows is to focus on the outside first, using light strokes to create the illusion of more hairs before filling it, then adding small amounts to the inside then brushing through with the spoolie to create the ombre look.

After brows I apply foundation, for going out I use Ex1 Invisiware Liquid Foundation in shade #6. I apply this with my Zoeva #104 flat head foundation brush as it buffs foundation in seamlessly.

I then highlight the middle of my forehead, brow bones, brige of my nose, under my eyes, my cupids bow and underneath my cheek bones with the same Ex1 foundation but in shade #1. I contour with the nyx highlight and contour stick along my jawline, my cheek bones, my nose and hairline. This is all buffed in using my Zoeva #104 and a beauty blender. I then bake my highlighted areas with MAC prep+prime transparent finishing powder. I set my contoured areas with Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.

I dust away my bake after around 5 minutes, in which time I apply my lashes which are the red cherry #43 lashes.

To finish my face I bronze with a muted pink blush by Elf, bronze the highest points of my face (where you would normally tan) and highlight. For highlighting I use an Inglot highlighter as it is really intense and perfect for a more glam look. If your highlighter isn’t very intense and you don’t want to buy a new one then use a setting spray before applying, this will make it more brighter and keep it in place for longer. My favourite setting spray is the Urban Decay all nighter.

Last but not least I do my lips. I dust my cupids bow with highlighter and for this look I used the MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil and the Velvet Teddy MAC lipstick.

That is my completed look. (I forgot to take a picture until I was back home in my jammies so make an allowance.) For my hair I created a sleek, wetlook ponytail style, wrapping my own hair around the hairband.

If you are wanting a more intense yet sophisticated and not overpowering perfume Gucci Guilty is a great option.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you did please remember to like and subscribe. Merry Christmas x

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