Our Christmas Dinner

I think as Christmas dinners go ours is pretty standard but I just thought I would share what we have on our Christmas dinner.

This year is the first year we are hosting Christmas dinner at my house and to be quite truthful I am very apprehensive.

First of all we have a starter which is a prawn cocktail or for a couple f people who don’t like prawns they have posh chicken nuggets.

On our Christmas dinner we have a traditional Turkey, my parents always get this from their local butcher as it is a free-range Norfolk Black turkey.

We also have gammon (solely for my Brother) which is honey glazed.

Most years we also have a beef option, this year I have chosen to buy a Tomahawk steak after we had the opportunity to try one from work. Although these are slightly pricey they are 100% worth it. (From feedback, I don’t actually eat beef.)

The last meat item that we have, which I don’t actually eat as I don’t like any pork, are pigs in blankets.

Then moving onto pototoes, we have mashed potatoes and roast potatoes. The mash is very indulgent and buttery and I’m pretty sure the roast potatoes we normally have roasted in dripping. (Not too reassuring that I don’t know how to roast potatoes.)

Vegetables next, so we have parsnips, mashed swede, broccoli, carrots and sprouts. Everything is quite straightforward apart from the sprouts. The sprouts are oven baked, drizzled in honey and pecans. The only way that sprouts taste nice.

Lastly we have yorkshire puddings and obviously gravy.

Below I have listed all the items we buy for Christmas dinner to give a grand-total of the cost –

Turkey – around £60

Tomahawk steak – £75 from Waitrose

Gammon – Around £5

Pigs in blankets – £2.50

Potatoes – £5

Parsnips – £1.50

Carrots – £0.50

Broccoli – £0.55

Swede – £1.40

Sprouts – £1.00

Honey – £1.80

Pecans – £2.25

Yorkshire Puddings – £1.60

Gravy – £2.00

On top of this we also buy dripping, mint sauce and horseradish sauce. The extra items are very inexpensive.

Every year this is over the top for only seven on us which does make me feel guilty for the less fortunate but we all donate to charity in various ways over the festive period, especially to our local hospice where I have volunteered. If you would like to check out Ashgate Hospice to see their work, get involved if you are local or perhaps donate if you have a little spare money to help them continue providing free palliative care.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please remember to like and subscribe. Merry Christmas x

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