Unorganised and ill

I’m not sure if this is cheating but I am determined to get up all the Blogmas posts, albeit late.

Yesterday I was far too preoccupied and ill to sit down and write any post.

I am feeling very sorry for myself that I have got a cold so close to Christmas, meaning it will still probably be here Christmas Day 😦

On a slightly more severe level my Mum still has ongoing complications from her recent operation, which will have a huge impact on how much she can enjoy Christmas Day. I feel asthough the whole family rely on my Mum to organise and make decisions, so I’m hoping she can still manage this or Christmas Day could be a massive flop.

On top of this I haven’t achieved any cleaning and organisation in preparation for Christmas Day. I am aware it is only 1 day (and yes I still clean the rest of the year.) I really need to make way for new by getting rid of some old, otherwise the house will be a cluttered mess and nobody can go onto a New Year being set up to fail by a mountain of clutter.

Last year my Christmas presents were all brought and wrapped (some delivered,) by 29th October when Emily was born. This year we are now on the 21st December and I still haven’t finished wrapping the presents…nevermind delivered them. Is anyone failing at Christmas quite as badly as me?

And all these things combined along with the very mild weather are making me feel less Christmassy than ever.

So overall this post is a whingey little moan about the Christmas funk I am in, you’ll either loathe me for the mess all my Christmas plans are in with just four days to rectify it, or perhaps you’re in the same situation and it will provide sone comfort you aren’t alone.

Let me know if you are experiencing any of the same problems.

I hope you are enjoying Blogmas and Merry Christmas x

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