Tesco Food Shop vs Home Delivery

When I told everyone that I would be using Tesco online groceries and having my Christmas food shop delivered, people thought I was crazy. Was I?

For the Tesco Christmas delivery service you have to book your slot in late November. I had the date in my diary and booked it all in. I would have preferred 23rd December but people beat me to it and the slots were all full so I made do with the 22nd.

The main thing I loved was being able to add everything to the basket and add and remove as you pleased up until a couple of days before the delivery date. This means nothing has been forgotten and I don’t feel like I’ve brought anything unnecessarily.

Most of my shopping is delivered fron Tesco and because of this I was very aware that they substitute items that aren’t in stock with the closest product match. This can be a minor change such as a different brand or pack size of the same or a completely different product all together.

One of the main products I didn’t want substituting was my frozen prawns as my Mum had ordered some from Sainsbury’s and the sent king prawns which nobody really likes so my prawns were essential. THE PRAWNS WERE SUBSTITUTED. Should’ve gone to Morrison’s, haha.

My Tesco order was quite significant and the substituted items were portatos but I was given bigger packs (I now have far too many,) some chocolate which I was given a far bigger bar. One of the oddest substitutions was kiwis in place of passion fruit…that wasn’t helpful to my quest for making pornstar martinis. And lastly the prawns.

The only products that needed sourcing were passion fruits and prawns…both of which are now sorted.

On the whole it was so easy to have everything (almost) brought to my door, it was all extremely fresh and the chocolate substitutions for extra free chocolate softened the blow of the prawns and passion fruit situation.

If you have small children, aren’t keen on rammed supermarkets or are generally quite lazy (all 3 apply to me,) then I would recommend Tesco for your food shop delivery – especially at Christmas.

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