Beating the January Blue’s

Today it is back to reality. A festive whirlwind that has ceased, the Christmas and New Year are over and it is a huge anti-climax. (And if you’re anything like me it left a huge mess.)

January is infamous for being the blue month. The month where money is tight, the weather is cold, the mornings, (days,) and nights are dark and there appears to be nothing to look forward to.

I have always found the Christmas holidays is the one you return from less refreshed than when you left as it is such a hectic time.

So how do you deal with this January funk?

1) Have something to look forward to – If you’re anything like me having something to plan for and get excited about is a great way to improve mood. This could be as far away as July or as soon as the weekend. It could vary from making a lunch for friends or family to booking a Summer holiday.

2) Over induldged? Try to alter a few eating habits – Ok, very cliche. Dieting along with the rest of the nation the first week of January and tying yourself to a gym membership you’ll never use may not be the answer. But going on a Sunday afternoon stroll and trying to eat a little healthier will. Vitamin D deficiency is rife at this time of year and just one of many symptoms is tiredness and fatigue.

Also, your pineal gland is triggered by daylight and is hugely responsible for hormone balance, if this isn’t working properly you won’t feel in tip top condition.

Over Christmas you probably haven’t thought much about nutrition, so perhaps your body and mind aren’t performing how you would like because they simply don’t have the resources. Try to cut out all the treats and refined carbs, swap them for fruits and veggies instead.

3) Exercise – I openly admit I’m not a fan of exercise which makes it 100x harder to incorporate it into my life. However, there are certain things that don’t feel like exercise like cleaning, a walk (round the shopping center,) cleaning the car and using the stairs instead of the lift. Or if you prefer more intense exercise opt for the exercise dvd at the bottom of the drawer instead of rushing to sign up for a gym contract.

Exercise is proven to release your ‘feel-good’ hormones so it should all be worth it in the end.

4) Tidy house, tidy mind – I find nothing more de-motivating than a cluttered, messy environment. We don’t have the space for an office area so I normally work at the dining table or at a desk in the bedroom, which means the house generally needs to be tidy.

If you have a spare couple of hours go through your wardrobe and drawers and be ruthless and brutally honest about what you want to keep. Make a pile for the rubbish and a pile for donating or selling. This way the area will stay tidier for longer.

I also find if my environment smells nice I feel happier, so pop in your favourite wax melt into your wax warmer or light a candle.

According to Samaritan’s suicide levels peak at this time of the year, so it is important to look after your mental and physical help. Always try to be vigilant of signs that suggest something more serious and seek help immediately.

5) Don’t stop socialising – Over Christmas we socialise with so many friends and family, I find this can really boost my mood and get me out of a funk. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and a chat.

6) Set goals – Set yourself goals of things you want to change, achieve and so on. Organise your home to help save time on a daily basis. Focus on small exercise and diet changes that are sustainable. Learn something new. There is no better feeling than achieving something but remember Rome was not built in a day, much like everything else it took time and hardwork.

7) Remember Summer is just around the corner – Ok, well I may be being overly optimistic right now but Spring is officially 20th March, which means one thing…EASTER EGGS!! Then on the 25th of March we can enjoy the clocks going forward which means lighter nights so no more waking up to darkness and going to sleep in darkness.

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