Home organisation after Christmas


Christmas flew by and I’m truly sad it’s over but I’m even more sad about the chaos that it left in my home. I’ve spent the couple of weeks since Christmas organising each room bit by bit. This has been quite a drawn out process but it feels so much better now I’ve finally finished. I thought I would share how I organised my house and top tips I came across along the way.


  • Bin bags are your best friend – Go into each room and have multiple bin bags, one to fill with things that you want to sell, one with things you want to donate and one for the bin. This way you aren’t getting side-tracked listing things to sell when you are meant to be organising.
  • Don’t worry about the initial mess – It must get worse before it gets better (at least in 90% of the cases,) try to stay organised by focussing on one area at a time, moving things straight to the rubbish or your car if you are taking them to a charity shop. Organising is a long process so if you sort your wardrobe one evening, your drawers the next and then your bedside table it will seem a lot more manageable than all at once.
  • Be ruthless – Did you wear it at all last year? If the answer is no then it is probably time to say goodbye. I saw a hack online where you put all your hanger a certain way, then once you have worn that hanger you turn it around to face the other way. All the hangers that are still facing the original way after 6-12 months you get rid of as you clearly haven’t worn it and are probably never going to.
  • Be logical – Try to organise your things in a logical way, don’t put things that you barely ever use at the front of a drawer or cupboard because you will have to go looking at the back for the things you do use quite frequently and it will mess up your entire organisation.
  • If you intend to sell it, actually get around to doing it – I am so guilty for putting things I want to sell in a box/bag and then leaving it there until the next time I have a clear out. It literally takes two minutes to list an item on eBay or other selling sites.


How I organised my home … I initially started with my bathroom as it is a tiny room with very little in it so it was a quick and easy process with instant results. I brought a wall attached soap dispenser from Victoria Plumbing not long before Christmas which has 3 compartments that we use for body wash, shampoo and conditioner. For any extra soaps we have a box on the window ledge to keep them all neat and organised. I then moved onto the pantry because it is a small area that is quite quick to tidy out but it was such a mess and when we were trying to find things at meal times it made it very difficult and time-consuming. I threw away anything that was out of date and the rest we didn’t want we bagged up and took to our local Tesco who have a box where you can donate to the food bank. After the pantry it only seemed logical to move onto the kitchen, I did the kitchen cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer to keep it organised. I also cleared out anything left from Christmas in the fridge or freezer that wouldn’t have gotten used. Next on the list was the living room, this took barely any time at all as we don’t store an awful lot in the living room. The most time consuming so far has been our bedroom, we have had to wait for our new wardrobe to come, so organising seemed futile when it would all have to be messed up again. I did the drawers and bedside tables, organised my makeup desk and the ottoman where I store all my work for college and my job which just left the wardrobe to be sorted when the new one was put up. I’m yet to do Emily’s room as it is chaos and really

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