When am I going to start YouTube again

As a few of you may know my other social media soapbox is my YouTube channel and I started it and very breifly uploaded it before it drizzled into a puddle of neglect.

A few people over on my Instagram have messaged to ask if I would start a channel or if they knew about my channel previously asked when and if I would be restarting.

The answer is YES! I will be restarting I’m just unsure when as of yet.

YouTube takes a lot more time than most people realise, filming is the easy bit… you then have editing the video, creating a thumbnail, uploading, trying to get better with the tech side of things, promoting and so on.

Basically, at the moment Emily isn’t in any form of childcare and we have no plans for her to be until September. To juggle Sam’s work around my college it means we never have a day off together so whenever I am at home I have Emily. This makes getting anything done in the way of work quite tricky, especially because she is refusing to nap. On top of this I also have a job, where I am lucky to work from home but it can be quite full on. What I’m trying to say is, right now starting YouTube with the committment it requires isn’t feesible.

However…In June I will basically be free from college until hopefully starting University in September (fingers crossed.) So on that basis each week I will have a significant increase in spare time. This is when I intend to properly start my YouTube channel again.

I will film in advance so I can figure out where YouTube fits in whilst working and at uni, then take it from there.

If I could I would start it now but other parts of my life have to be prioritised but I assure you all, over the Summer you will be seeing a lot more of me both here on my blog and over on YouTube.

In the meantime I still have the existing videos on my YouTube channel, if there is any content you want to see when I start again just let me know.

Also, if you are enjoying my blog please remember to like and subscribe 🙂 x

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