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Launch of weekly blogs – Thoughtful Thursdays?

To document my journey as a student midwife – not only for myself but for anyone else who may be interested in what day-to-day life is like as a student midwife I am started weekly installments.

Each Thursday (if I manage to be on time) there will be a ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ post about what has happened in the past week, not entirely sure on the title yet so this may or may not change – let me know if you have any suggestions?

These posts will include what I’ve done at uni, what I’ve been doing on placement and juggling my own life and my almost 2 year old amidst the chaos.

I already have a post on Midwifery interview tips so if you are applying for intake within this cycle then go and check that out by clicking here. I’m also thinking about writing a personal statement post specifically for Midwifery – a few people have asked if they can send their personal statements over for me to check, this is entirely fine and I will try my best to give feedback. If you would like me to take a quick look email it to

Thoughtful Thursdays posts will begin Thursday 20th September. The first post will be how I’m preparing for uni and Emily’s first full week at nursery, following on each week from then on.

Hope you enjoy x

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