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Thoughtful Thursday – Emily’s 1st week at nursery & preparing for uni

This is my last week before starting uni and Emily’s 1st full week of nursery. Having this week to prepare for uni and get everything organised has been really handy and knowing that Emily is quite settled doing 4 half-days at nursery puts my mind at ease. (Even if I have had a little cry after drop-offs most mornings!)

Emily is going to nursery 4 x half-days per week and spends the other day at her Dad’s house. The plan was for her to do full-days from the get go but that was too much, too soon; so for now she will do half days and increase to full-days gradually. Luckily I’m in a fortunate position where I have people who can step-in to cover the extra childcare for the time being, so that takes a lot of worry away.

Emily’s nursery diary has had positive comments every day and since this week there aren’t even any tears at drop-off, she just runs in to play with her friends. And we’ve agreed that by the week commencing 1st October she will gradually increase her hours until she is doing the full-day.

Whilst she’s been at nursery I’ve been organising meal plans, childcare, shopping, documents for uni, ironing and preparing outfits and bags.

Having to drop Emily at nursery at 7:30am and then rush to get my train means that I will already have to get up very early so preparing as much as possible means I’ll hopefully be less likely to be late or stressed.

I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity of child-free coffee with a friend, a food-festival with gin tasting and getting my hair and brows done – because I won’t have time for these things for quite some time. During this spare time I’ve had before starting uni I’ve also sorted all Emily’s birthday presents and the plan for her birthday weekend, brought the majority of her Christmas presents and started buying a few bits for other people along with a new Christmas tree which I’m far too eager to put up!!

It’s very probable that by the end of my first week at uni I’ll be living off pot-noodle, the wash basket will be overflowing and everything will have unravelled but for now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Although I’m excited to start uni I am very apprehensive about how little time I will have with Emily compared to what she has been used to up until now so I’m hoping she doesn’t notice too much and then we can spend quality time together at the weekends to make up for it.

Outfits & bags are ready for next week, the house is clean & tidy (as tidy as it can be with a toddler), the washbasket and ironing basket are almost empty and all my documents for the first day are sorted. Wish me luck! (I’ll need it.)

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