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Thoughtful Thursday – Induction week as a student midwife

WOW! This week has been so full on with 5:30am alarms, nursery drop offs and navigating public transport but I’m so excited to properly get stuck into it all next week.

This week seems to have been packed full of extremely rushed mornings, packed trains and having loads of information thrown at us which I can barely remember already but overall the induction week has been a nice welcoming experience with a couple of “ice-breaker” activities so we could all get to know eachother.

We didn’t have any idea of our timetable before we started so all I knew was that we turned up at 9am on the first day. I’d heard rumours we would be in 5 full days but I was still convinced we would only be in uni 3 or 4 days maximum and finish early a few days. WRONG!

We were in 9am every morning until about 4pm, which didn’t quite allow for the Fresher’s experience some other degree students get but oh well.

Tuesday we had uniform fitting which was exciting, knowing in a couple of months I’ll be wearing it on placement.

We also got our timetable up until Christmas when we go out onto community placement, although it isn’t the nicest uniform I’ve ever seen.

Wednesday we had our guide to using the library and a slightly earlier finish so I got the train back home then went for an eyetest.

Thursday we spoke to a 2nd year Midwifery student in our groups, getting advice and asking questions. Before the session I thought it was going to be a waste of time but it was probably the most useful session we’ve had in the whole induction week. We also did our basic life support skills which was our first hands on clinical skills. Placements were emailed out too and thankfully I got my first choice Trust which will make my life so much easier.

Today was quite a chilled day with a 2 hour session in the morning teaching us how to use the online resources followed by an afternoon of ‘directed study’ which means you can work from wherever so I came home earlier than the other days and did the food shop before collecting Emily from nursery.

So glad it’s the weekend just for a little lie-in and to spend some quality time with Emily.

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