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Thoughtful Thursday – 1st ‘proper week’ as a student midwife

Induction/Fresher’s week is over and now the actual content of our course starts.

This week we were only in uni Monday 9am-6pm and Wednesday 9am-10am because we have so much pre-sessional work to do, ready for the taught lectures and clinical skills.

Just looking at next weeks timetable makes me feel exhausted and the dark, cold mornings really aren’t helping.

I finally feel asthough I’m getting to grips with the campus and navigating round our online account but there’s so much I still don’t understand about assessments, exams and placement documents, so I hope over the next couple of weeks it will become a bit clearer.

Monday was a full on day – we did our clinical skills on handwashing, aseptic technique and urinalysis. Then we had lectures on the antenatal care pathway, clinical skills on abdominal palpation and safeguarding.

Tuesday Emily spent with her Dad until 3pm-ish, so I went to the gym and met a friend for coffee who has just started her nursing degree at a different university so it was really interesting to hear about her course. Then I went to Pizza Hut to catch up with family.

Emily was exhausted, so she had an early night which gave me chance to make some notes on the directed learning we were timetabled for which was vital signs.

Wednesday I drove to uni for the first time because we were only in for an hour, we had a clinical skills session on vital signs which includes manual blood pressure, temperature, pulse and oxygen saturation. I was quite shocked how quickly I got my head round the manual blood pressure and after a little bit of practice at home with my own sphyg and stethoscope, I’m relatively confident I’ve got the hang of it.

Yesterday I spent writing some blog material, finishing off notes on abdominal palpations and preparing for next weeks sessions. Emily also went for her haircut, so now her fringe isn’t covering half her face. I also picked up my new glasses so fingers crossed I will stop getting migraines from eye-straing and whilst I was in the shopping center I brought two friends a little gift for their 21st birthdays and started buying stocking fillers for Christmas presents because I’m so unorganised with it all this year.

Apologies for the post being a day late but I wanted to prioritise getting all my pre-sessional reading done.

Monday we have our induction to our home Trust so I’m quite excited to see where I’ll be spending the majority of my placement.

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