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Thoughtful Thursday – 1st ‘proper week’ as a student midwife

Induction/Fresher’s week is over and now the actual content of our course starts.

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Thoughtful Thursday – Induction week as a student midwife

WOW! This week has been so full on with 5:30am alarms, nursery drop offs and navigating public transport but I’m so excited to properly get stuck into it all next week.

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Thoughtful Thursday – Emily’s 1st week at nursery & preparing for uni

This is my last week before starting uni and Emily’s 1st full week of nursery. Having this week to prepare for uni and get everything organised has been really handy and knowing that Emily is quite settled doing 4 half-days at nursery puts my mind at ease. (Even if I have had a little cry after drop-offs most mornings!)

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Launch of weekly blogs – Thoughtful Thursdays?

To document my journey as a student midwife – not only for myself but for anyone else who may be interested in what day-to-day life is like as a student midwife I am started weekly installments.

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Midwifery Interviews

I’ve had a few requests from you lovely people over on Instagram about how to be successful gaining a place on a midwifery degree on the first cycle.

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Higher education, which path to choose?

No matter whether you are about to leave year 11, didn’t get your grades or are looking to re-enter the realm of education later in life it can feel like a minefield. I’ve been in education quite a few years so I thought I would share my personal outlook to help those of you who are a tad confused.

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Interviews can be one of the most crucial times are a persons life, meaning it is often one of the most nerve wracking. Interviews often lead you to the next chapter in your life, meaning that you are progressing to something better than what you have left behind (normally.) This post was scheduled to be about Veganism but I just didn’t have the heart to write it, which normally means when I read it back I know it isn’t great content which is a waste of both our times. So instead I’m writing about interviews.

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