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What I will do differently if I have another child

When you have a baby, especially if it is your first, every man, their dog, their fish and their Aunt want to come round to see the new bundle of joy. However this is with little thought about how the Mum feels, leaking boobs, emotions all over and really just needing those precious moments to bond with the baby themselves.

‘Basically if I had another child I would do what I wanted, opposed to what (I thought) everyone else wanted.’

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You know your body best…

Sometimes the health professionals don’t always know best, especially when they are discussing issues with you over the phone. I’m sure pregnancy and motherhood builds a natural instinct in us all to do what is best for our babies, born or unborn. If you think something is wrong then get it checked out, even if it is nothing, at least you gain reassurance. I wish I had…

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