Home organisation after Christmas


Christmas flew by and I’m truly sad it’s over but I’m even more sad about the chaos that it left in my home. I’ve spent the couple of weeks since Christmas organising each room bit by bit. This has been quite a drawn out process but it feels so much better now I’ve finally finished. I thought I would share how I organised my house and top tips I came across along the way.

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Christmas Eve

Christmass Eve this year wasn’t much different to any other.

Our Christmae Eve this year wasn’t much different to any other. Each year we have always got together for food, prepped all the veg for Christmas day and spent time as a family. The whole of Christmas Eve daytime is dedicated to last minute organisation, errands and cleaning the house.

This year we held this at my home, whereas previous years we have always been at my parents so that was a little different. And this year is the first year that I have opened ALL of my presents on Christmas Eve. Sam and I wanted to open our presents together and move them out of the way so Emily couldn’t get her hands on them.

Now we are sat watching some tv, trying to stay awake having a little drinky.

Such a short blog-post but it is Christmas Eve and you probably have as much enthusiasm for reading this as I did for writing it…so if you’ve got to this point I salute you.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas x